Chickens, Burgers and Wraps

Investment Required:

$200,000 to $320,000 subject to type, size and condition of your chosen site, and landlord contribution (if any)

Agreement Term:

Typically 5 years plus options, normally matching lease length

Number Of Units:


Qualifications Required:

Nil, training provided.

Training Provided:

Comprehensive training provided in a company run store in Sydney.

Marketing Support:

Excellent social media support, outstanding web site, strong in-store promotions. .


The Ogalo Story
The Ogalo story started with an idea to provide Australians with a home style taste that gave every meal its own character without compromising on our delicious and healthy quality – It’s not fast food…. Just great food much quicker! 
The Portuguese are renowned for their wholesome style of barbequing marinated chickens on a healthy grill, cooking in the natural flavours without the fat and creating a tasty meal that the whole family can enjoy. 
Ogalo is a leading Casual Dining Restaurant providing customers with a culinary experience like no other. With our enticing special recipe and appealing superior taste alongside our reputable customer service (with table service at all non-food court style restaurants), we are able to appeal to our customer’s ever-evolving needs and preferences to ensure our Brand continues to grow and penetrate the marketplace. 
At Ogalo, we are part of the new 'taste revolution' creating our own timeless, all inspired basting sauce combining fresh chilli, garden herbs and exotic spices that tantalize taste buds and draw out the natural goodness of our chickens and burgers. If you like it hot, then have a lot, if not just a little... We will make it just how you like it. We only use premium quality produce and we take time in freshly cutting and marinating our chickens; yes, that's right, every chicken and every fillet of our famous Ogalo burgers is cut by hand. 
So, who is behind Ogalo? Ogalo started as a family business and has since grown into a chain of outlets that are owned and managed by operators who are ever faithful to the founding vision. We are a young and enthusiastic bunch of people with a fresh, enterprising approach to delivering tasty, fresh food in the local community. 
Ogalo in particular prides itself on only approving 'Owner-Operator' style restaurants to become a part of our Ogalo Franchisee Family. We want to ensure that every store has a supreme level of customer service to ensure our customer’s needs always come first. Without a growing customer fan base, we would not be where we are today. We love to sell amazing tasting food and to ensure our store owners also share our passion and motivation in offering our customer a superior product with a SMILE AT ALL TIMES! 
Ogalo represents a vision in quality convenience food - We are a part of the new Casual Dining revolution that has been taking Australia by storm. We pride ourselves on preparing high-quality food, customised to your liking and all prepared fresh while you wait. The secret to our success is consistency. Our secret recipe for our marinated chicken was started in 1988 and has not changed since we served our very first customer. 


Why Ogalo?
1) Taste like nothing else in the marketplace. 
2) Established, evolving and successful business model since 1989. 
3) Healthy and authentically Portuguese. 
4) FRESH and FUN with a cult following of customers like no other  franchise. 
5) Exclusive franchise territory.
10 Reasons for "HIGH" success due to "LOW" aspects
  1. Low-Risk Business Model 
  2. Low Capital Investment 
  3. Low Franchising Buy In 
  4. Low Royalties and Marketing levy 
  5. Low fit out costs 
  6. Low need to contractually lock in 
  7. Low Menu restrictions 
  8. Low Mandatory Stock Suppliers 
  9. Low level of compulsory fees, ABSOLUTELY NO TRAINING FEES 
  10. LOW COGS Percentage
Think you have what it takes to become an Ogalo Franchisee?
1) Are you passionate about food and communication? 
2) Want to be hands on and run your own business? 
3) Do you enjoy contributing to your own success with assistance and on-going support by business professionals? 
4) Do you enjoy being part of the new food revolution? 
5) Do you enjoy numbers and have a desire to watch your business grow?
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