Healthy and Convenient food

Investment Required:

$250,000 plus for master franchise rights and to open your first store.

Agreement Term:

5 years with 4 five year options

Number Of Units:


Qualifications Required:

No specific qualifications but a real comittment to fresh healthy convvenient food is required.

Training Provided:

An outstanding training program will be delieverd to the master Franchise owner in Los Angeles, Califormia.

Marketing Support:




the opportunity to make a difference...


Locali is the original and fastest growing healthy convenience store and deli.
If Whole Foods and 7-Eleven had a baby, it would be named Locali. The Los Angeles grown concept is such a hit, we're growing to major markets across the U.S. through franchising.
We're looking for franchisees who are passionate about the LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) movement and want to take advantage of the rapid growth in the sector by investing in an emerging concept positioned to be a category leader. Qualified franchisees will have experience owning and/or operating multi-unit restaurants within a territory; or be qualified investors looking to take advantage of Locali's innovative first mover position within the space.
The ideal Locali master franchisee meets all of the following requirements:
  • $750k net worth
  • $250k liquid capital available for investment
  • Minimum 3 Unit commitment
  • Willing to begin developing their territory in the next 3 months



The Locali Mission

Our passion is delivering responsibly grown, innovative food worthy of our customers' appetites and patronage. We strive to make you smile and thrive to make you think.


At Locali, we eat and live to make a difference. Locali's mission is to serve delicious, nutritious food made with organic ingredients & lots of love.


Where Health & Convenience Consummate Their Love...

In Italian, Locali means "community." We serve our community by providing convenient access to an assortment of soups, salads, sandwiches, smoothies, snacks, pre-packaged meals and unique beverages made with natural and organic ingredients. At Locali Healthy Convenience, we strive to bring you thoughtfully acquired, sustainably sourced food and eco-friendly lifestyle products.


You will not find any product containing high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils or genetically modified ingredients on our shelves.


In an ideal world, it would be lovely if we could all sit down for a few hours daily and experience a homemade slow food lunch. Unfortunately, with our increasingly harried lives, fast eating is often the only option.


Our selection of soups, salads, smoothies, sandwiches and quinoa bowls are perfect meals to grab on the go or pick up on your way home. With an emphasis on vegan options, we advocate minimizing the consumption of animal products due to its aggressive impact on the environment. We carefully select all vendors and look forward to increasing your connection to the sources of what you consume daily.


With a heightened awareness of where our food comes from, we can make conscious decisions about what we eat in order to aid our personal health and vitality, while minimizing our negative impact on the environment and other people. At Locali, everyday is a celebration of the choice to do better for our planet, ourselves and each other.

Why Love Locali?


Locali = The first organic deli/natural foods market hybrid convenience store; Established in 2009.
Locali = Organic Produce, Spices, Oils & Deli Ingredients Whenever Possible.
Locali = Four Stage Reverse Osmosis Filtered Water used in Food Prep, Ice, Smoothies & Coffee.
Locali = Superior Quality Deli Meats are Antibiotic-free, Growth Hormone-free, Casein-free, Gluten-free, Nitrate-free + Vegeterian-Fed; Tuna- Wild Caught/Dolphin Safe.
Locali = Non-GMO Vegan Meats.
Locali = Custom Artisan, Locally Baked Breads.
Locali = "Last Meal Worthy","Buckle Your Knees", "Give up Your First Born", Truly Badass Food that happens to be Healthy!
Locali = Customer Service that Genuinely cares About You...yeah, little old you.
Locali = A Place Where Your Purchase Power Actually Makes a Difference...because we give a you know what.
Locali = ROI with a Social Impact.


The Opportunity

Owning a LOCALI provides you an opportunity to partner with an industry leader in a highly competitive industry whose sales grow more and more annually.


Do not let the competitive nature of the industry stifle you. Our concept is unlike any other. We have geared our company to provide you with knowledge, support and training that will allow you to effectively meet and surpass any consumer expectations.



The Training


LOCALI offers a comprehensive and hands on training program delievred in Los Angeles California in order to ensure that franchisees are 100% equipped with the knowledge, skills and expertise to successfully operate their own center.


Our multi-phase training includes hours of hands on training at one of our already established locations in addition to many hours of ongoing support at your newly established location.



Master Franchises now available for Australia and New Zealand.


Pre-registration of interest for individual franchises can also be made.


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