Franchise Development

Develop your business into a Successful Franchise


Why franchise?

Many businesses reach local market saturation and new capital is required in order to expand. Franchising provides the ideal solution for maximising the potential of your business.
Franchisees purchase the right to operate an outpost of your business, using your proven methods, systems and practices, and guided by you, the franchisor, each step of the way. Franchising is often an unbeatable method of revenue-generation.


What is The Franchise Shop?

The Franchise Shop is a team of experienced franchising professionals passionate about turning your business into a successful franchise operation.
We are successful because of our deep belief in the concept of franchising – business people working together and sharing knowledge, to create a bigger, better organisation, and future prosperity for all.
Our respected team also offers consulting services to existing franchised businesses including recruiting franchise owners, territory planning and site finding, mystery shopping, management consulting and strategic reviews.


How does the development process work?

The Franchise Shop makes a seemingly daunting task like developing your business into a franchise a simple and hassle free process. We’re confident you will feel completely at ease and excited by the process.


There are four simple steps the franchise shop use:


1. An initial face-to-face meeting.


We will visit you at your premises to discuss your thoughts and dreams for franchising your business. Our no obligation, no fee Initial discussion where we come to you and answer your questions and help you better understand what's involved in developing a franchise and most importantly whether franchising is for you.


2. The Feasibility Study.

Over a number of meetings with you, along with external research, we will investigate your company’s feasibility for franchising. The feasibility study is normally conducted over 4-8 hours of face-to-face meetings at your place of business; we then undertake the research and follow up any further information which is required by telephone.



3. Franchising Program Development and Documentation.

The Franchise Shop will undertake all consulting and development work necessary for you to become a franchisor. Based on the information gathered by us in your feasibility study, our meetings, and the information gathered to enable us to prepare your franchise agreement and disclosure document, we will provide you with the documents you require to grant your first franchise.


4. Franchise Agreement.

The Franchise Shop will facilitate the provision of a Franchise Agreement, a legal requirement for any franchise operation. You will have all these professionally prepared, fully code compliant and easy to use franchising essentials.


If you would like to know more about our franchise development services contact us today.


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