Recruiting franchisees for your network


The Franchise Shop can help you recruit franchisee owners who better match your franchise networks needs and do so more cost effectively. 


It is important that your recruitment program is individually tailored to your franchise model. The Franchise Shop puts a lot of work into understanding your business, your legal documents, and then building a recommended recruitment model.


This is to enable our team to study your system and documents and build your recommended recruitment plan.


Ensuring the correct mix of:

  • Internet Advertising - Facbook, Google, and/or Instagram - easily the most consistant source of leads these days.
  • Franchise magazines -  expensive but valuable, and adds good content to your web site etc.
  • Press Advertising - for tightly geographic situations only.
  • Content on your web site & ours - critical that your content is up to date, accurate and interesting. Video, whiteboard animations, articles, blogs and so on.
  • Public Relations - not every media realease will be run everywhere you send it, but if they are well done a reasobale percentage will work.
  • Referrals - the most powerful recruitment tool is an existing franchise owner talking to their contacts about your franchise opportunity, so reward the if they do.
  • 'Within your business' Advertising eg. signage, vehicles, stationery


We follow a systematic approach to ensure we help find you the best possible franchise owners for your system. We will work with you to establish what kind of person you are seeking, and what skills and attributes they need to bring to your franchise. We will interview then reference and background check all applicants referred to you.

The Franchise Shop can deliver results for you. We have sold more than 50 franchises for one client in a little over 16 months due to a very strong marketing campaign, a strong franchise offer, excellent co-operation between your staff and The Franchise Shop with very fast follow up, usually seeing serious prospects within a few days of their original enquiry –anywhere within Australia & New Zealand.
The Franchise Shop has launched our co-operative advertising for our clients in conjunction with various industry web sites and the Franchising Expo’s. 

The Franchise Shop will take your initial enquiries, send out the agreed initial materials, follow up those leads and pass qualified leads on to you. We will work with you and those qualified leads right up to hopefully a purchase decision. Your only other cost is a success fee on sale to be agreed between us.


We believe we do this work better than other consultants, but don't take our word for it.


"After meeting with several potential recruitment consultants we quickly decided that Jane Lombard of The Franchise Shop was the one to support us in identifying and recruiting our Australian Master Franchisee. It was immediately evident that Jane clearly understands Franchising and Franchise Recruitment. As well as her experience and talent in recruiting franchisees Jane brought with detailed knowledge of the advertising media and was able to recommend the ones that would best suit our target franchisee giving us cost effective advertising solutions. In addition the team at The Franchise Shop are able to review our marketing collateral to ensure it will be suitable for the Australian Market.


We achieved our goal of recruiting our first Australian Master Franchisee due in no small part to Jane and The Franchise Shop Teams efforts. I would have no hesitation recommending Jane and The Franchise shop to a franchisor looking to recruit Franchisees in Australia. "


David Paulson

TaxAssist Senior Manager UK & International Franchise Development



If you would like to know more about our franchise recruitment services contact us today.



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